Stefan Koopmanschap

Podcasting, managing Spotify playlists, radio DJ, station voice and organizing stuff.

Politiek Woudenberg podcast

Started the Politiek Woudenberg podcast to give more insight into the local politics of Woudenberg


De Ondergewaardeerde Playlist podcast

Hosting the "De Ondergewaardeerde Playlist" podcast for KINK


KLUB KINK podcast

Compiling and hosting the KLUB KINK podcast



Started the podcast By The Campfire. Extensive conversations with guests on a variation of topics.


Managing the KLUB KINK Spotify playlist

Compiling a ~ 2 hour playlist on Spotify on a weekly basis with hot new (alternative) dance releases and classics.


Station voice

Providing text for TOTH, jingles etc.


Radio DJ SHIFT KINK Thursday

Hosting the SHIFT KINK radio show, every Thursday from 7PM to 9M


Radio DJ, board member, server administrator

Radio DJ with radioshow 'Skoopavond'. Took a position on the board when the IndieXL Foundation was founded. Also responsible for maintaining the radio server and several websites.


Radio DJ, event organizer

Radio DJ with radioshow 'Skoopavond'. Took the initiative for the Serious Woudenberg fundraiser and co-organized that and Serious Nieuwegein. Several live registrations of house parties and club nights, a.o. from Club Panama Amsterdam, parties in Houten and Brothers Bunnik.