Stefan Koopmanschap

The things that I'm focussing on right now


Always busy

I'm always busy (like I've always been). I'm spending a lot of time on my radio work. I've recently started doing another show called Ondergewaardeerde Liedjes, in collaboration with the site of the same name. I'm having so much fun doing this.

My wife and kids are doing fine and I'm really proud of them. The kids are in school, the eldest recently built his own computer and is playing a lot games, the youngest is streaming a lot of Twitch.

I'm trying to read a bit every day. Most of my reading is done during my lunchbreak, which seems to really work for me.


Work never stops

The business is doing quite well. Aside from PHP development I'm really getting into the human side of development. I help gather requirements and write user stories, I try to help improve the development process so it works for the team(s) and I love helping people level up by coaching and teaching them new stuff.

I'm currently still at PinkWeb, but that ends at the end of the month. Next month I'm starting as a tech lead at Creative Fabrica. I'm really happy with the stuff I was able to accomplish at PinkWeb, including building two API's and helping the developers there become more familiar with Symfony, but I'm also really excited to join the Creative Fabrica team.

We're also working hard towards the private beta of our own application Playlish, which will enable you to publish playlists from our centralized application to multiple streaming services (initial support: Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Deezer). Feel free to hit me up if you're interested in being part of our private beta.